Trump Just DEVASTATED Americans Who Are Age 60+ with a HEARTLESS New Rollback

Despite Trump being in the senior American category, he’s forged a war on those in his same age bracket.  He’s of the mind that only the strong survive, and every senior American should have the strength of a bull.

In 2016, the ruthless Trump administration endeavored to rollback a program that helps low-income families keep the heat on during the winter.  While they did fail, the cold winter wasn’t enough to stop them from trying to kill the program once again.

Trumpers believe the program is infected by fraud and that people can survive without it.  The director of the National Energy Assistance Directors’ Association in Washington, D.C., Mark Wolfe, told Wash Po, “These arguments are very misleading and wrong.”

The LIHEAP program is a “lifeline for the elderly, disabled and others on fixed incomes,” according to the Post.  Diabetic Dwayne LaBrecque, who receives disability after losing part of his foot, stated, “If the president turned around and did away with that funding, I have no idea how we’d survive in the winter.”

Sen. Bernie Sanders warned the Trump administration that they would have blood on their hands because ending the program would lead to a “situation where people will go cold, some may freeze to death.”

A bipartisan group of 45 lawmakers all opposed Trump’s war on the elderly because only a man void of a heart would leave seniors in the cold to die.

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